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Water Owl's Movements

Thida's journal

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I began LJ in 2001 as an attempt to chronicle my pregnancy. Two kids and a service dog later, it's undergone several changes including a change in LJ username from freyafire. It will probably undergo more, but the username is here to stay.

My real name is Thida which means water in Burmese. Before I discovered this, I also happened to pick "Water" as the fourth element on TooMUSH, a social MUSH which I hung out on long ago when I had time aka before I was married and had kids.

Thida and water were already taken when I came to LJ back in 2002, so I picked waterowl. Owl comes from Athena, the patron goddess of Bryn Mawr. I collect owls. Whether I'm wise or not is left up to the reader.

I'm a writer. I'm the mother of a healthy daughter Special K and a special needs kid Little T. Little T was born with Kasabach Merritt Syndrome, a incredibly rare blood disorder. Basically he had a giant vascular tumor that caused his entire left arm to swell up like Popeye's. Yes, he's always been a fighter! The first eighteen months of his life were spent in and out of the hospital battling a life-threatening tumor. Fortunately his tumor has shrunk dramatically, but we're still dealing with the collateral damage. He's also the most joyful person I know. He's growing in health and strength most days.

I have a rare variation of dystonia, a movement disorder. In February 2008, I received my magical service dog Hermione from Canine Companions for Independence.

I have a mixture of public, friends-locked and filtered entries. I tend to regard an LJ friend as a loose term -- someone who wants to read my journal or whose journal I want to read.