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I also fixed a RL item

I also wanted to say that I finally crossed a big item off my to-do list. I got the leak fixed in the Civic. No more rain leaking into the Civic. It's raining outside but no more rain will get inside that car! Hooray!

It turned out the rain was leaking in the gaskets around the tailights. Apparently a pretty common problem with Civics. If you're around Mountain View and need any type of body work done on your car, I highly recommend Fenders Collision. They do good honest work for a reasonable fee. I originally went to them with my Passat for thousands of dollars of work paid for by my insurance. Of course the insurance chose them. But they were super nice and did a great job and also fixed a couple of minor things for free. So I came back when I backed into a pillar at the hospital and smashed the Passat's passenger side mirror. They replaced the mirror for not much money. They seemed pained that I refused to get the mirror painted or the side of the car, but it seemed more like an asethetic thing than a money thing. For me, it was more that if I did it once, I was likely to do it again, and I'd be more annoyed with myself if I paid to have it repainted and then scraped it again. And yeah I'm cheap

And so I just brought in my leaking Civic and said "please fix the leak." And so they did just that without taking advantage of the fact that the Civic is kinda dinged up and missing a side fender and has cracks in the back and front bumpers.



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Feb. 17th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC)
Yay, no more leak! Good thing you got it fixed, though it could be worse, it could be in the passenger compartment.
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