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Little T is back on chemo

It really hasn't quite sunk in yet, even though we knew it was coming, but Little T is going back on chemo, perhaps as I'm typing this. Little T's platelets today were 67. Not good enough to stave off Vincristine. I would say my heart is breaking on Valentine's Day, but right now I mostly feel numb. I'm still quite sick. My head is all stuffed up and my head aches. I was too sick in fact to go to clinic today. Poor C had to take Little T on his own. And it will take several days for Little T to show the effects of chemo anyway.

I've turned off comments, because I know you care, but I guess I'm okay with being numb right now. If you want to help and can visit, you can take Special K out if you like kids, or go out with me for tea or a meal if you like me, or bring by treats if you like treats. Or you can send a real or a virtual card or little treats. Special K in particular is cheered up considerably by cards, little presents and little outings, but it helps all of us more than you know. Not something I admit very often, but I'm in this weird state right now.