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Little T news

Little T's platelets hold a steady state at 91. His fibrinogen went up to 188. He gained weight to 10490g. His hemo doctor is concerned about his blood pressure though it looks like we don't have to put him on meds, and we're approaching the 3 month mark. So we're going to try weaning him just a little bit and hope that his platelets don't plunge like they did last time. His hemo doctor gave us this scary paper about Who knew? is a much harsher form of chemo given a couple times. Vincristine is a "gentler" form of chemo given over longer periods. But was given for a different type of hemangioma and some of the papers we've read contain very similar language about Vincristine.

He was measured at 70.6 cm. I thought that was growth, but I looked back and he measured at 71cm in November. So I think he hasn't grown at all since the steroids. He lies down to get a height measurement, so the height depends on hard they pull his leg.

Today he also had a renal ultrasound, urine bag for urine test and extra blood taken for extra blood tests.  Unfortunately the lab's computer was down, so the tech didn't know to put the blood on ice, so he has to get his renin level checked next week instead.

I called in his BP stats just now.  They'll call back and let us know if he needs to go on BP meds.  I think the answer will prolly be no.  His measured BP got lower as we got more competent at measuring it and making him fuss.  We don't get 120 or higher anymore or scary stroke 150 anymore (knock on wood) I removed the life-threatening tag from the first BP entry. Whee! It felt more good to do that than it probably should.

111/75  95  1/21 9:17am
109/65 104 1/21 8:59pm
  74/44 103 1/22 8:51am
107/61 107 1/22 8:59pm
  96/57 100 1/23 8:27am
103/62 112 1/23 8:22pm
116/69   96 1/24 8:16a