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Little T's blood pressure

Thanks for your support! It helps. Little T's blood pressure numbers were worse at the Nephrology office. Little T laughed and smiled then burst into tears, because he was so bored, or because he was cuffed. Then we'd play a lap game, or give him a phone and he'd laugh again. But after over three hours he just started wailing continuously, because he was sick of being there and he wanted to eat snacks. Me too! I didn't wail though.

Yesterday I and the hematologist were really worried, because of his diastolic numbers, which don't go up when you're stressed. However the nephrologist told us that the diastolic numbers aren't that accurate on an automatic blood machine. And the number I need to care about most is the systolic number. His systolic numbers are high and he probably does need blood pressure medication, but they're not horrifyingly high. My blood pressure went way down as I stood down from red alert. Systolic BP goes up when you're stressed. Needless to say, Little T's stressed at the doctor's office. His BP is measured shortly after a painful blood draw. Hope rose within me once more.

And the best news is that he can go on blood pressure medication without going to the hospital. What a huge relief! It's the first time we've been told he'll have to go to the hospital if he has condition X, he has condition X, and he's stayed away from the hospital. He's getting stronger! I'm a little embarrassed I publicly worried. But maybe in the karmic scheme of things, that was the price I had to pay so I no longer need to fear every time they talk about a hospital stay.

Our incredibly frustrating saga to find a blood pressure monitor for him continued. I felt like wailing, but I didn't. We called several different departments at the hospital and stopped by the day hospital. None of the pediatric cuffs fit with what we bought, or what we can buy locally. A manual machine won't work for our wriggly little baby. He can barely hold still for the automatic one. I know I can find stuff online, but we needed something today. Finally a nephrology nurse suggested that we used a wrist blood pressure monitor. Doh! It seemed obvious after she suggested it, but I guess no one else had figured it out. We bought one and tried it on him. It works sorta.

Unfortunately the readings at home also show he has high blood pressure, and needs to go on medication. He's watching tv lying down and his blood pressures on his right leg are 117/65, 112/61, and 121/79. The 90-95th percentile range for babies his age measured on the arm is 94-98/42-54. The nephrologist says to add 5-10 for being on the leg, so the highest on the leg should be 104-108/52-64. I can always hope that Little T's BP miraculously goes down on its own, but he's running out of time. He has until Monday. And technically we should call if his BP goes above 120, but I'm hoping the one reading was a fluke.

The nephrologist ordered a urine test, a blood test (along with his usual labs on Tuesday) and an ultrasound of his kidneys to check his renal blood flow. Nephrology wants to rule out that his high blood pressure has any other cause beyond taking tons of steroids. Good they're checking him over throughly.

He did have a urinary tract infection in December 2004 probably due to lack of fluids for eight hours and being in a hospital for surgery. However on an ultrasound, Urology saw a slight diverticulitis in his bladder. On a second ultrasound in the summer this had disappeared. Urology told me a lot of babies have this birth defect and it's not even noticed and they grow out of it.


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Jan. 19th, 2006 06:00 pm (UTC)
ack! I'm sorry to hear you've got one more worry on top of everything else so far. (And by "you" I mean you, C and T)

brief info regarding HBP meds. I was on Lopressor for a while, but it seemed to make me really tired, like it was impossible to get up even after sleeping 8.5 hours. I was on hydrochlorothiazide (a diuretic) for a long time along with other meds, which just made me pee a lot. I am now on Lotensin which doesn't seem to have any side effects that I can detect.

Be well. I will think well thoughts in your direction.
Jan. 19th, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info! It makes me extra glad we rejected Lopressor as an option. We rejected it because apart from sedation, it can also cause hypertension spikes if the patch is removed and we don't trust that Little T won't manage to rip the patch off. Right now he's been prescribed Amolopidipine pending his blood pressure numbers over the next few days.
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