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Last night we went to a singing party with some friends where we sang songs, eat dinner and the kids ran around. I loved sitting with Little T on my lap and singing with him.

C says I'm depressed. He thinks I'm more sad about missing this writing workshop than I should be. I dunno. I always worry about missing opportunities. I don't really have a good way to evaluate what I really need right now.

What I do know is that I keep writing. My non-fiction book is up to 17,808 words. I'm behind on my 500 word count today, but I'm more than ahead from other days.

Both Special K and Little T are wearing one sock.

Seems like a good time to do this meme:

Name 10 small things for which you're grateful
  1. My sprained ankle is slowly healing, so I can walk around the house now.
  2. The top of Little T's shoulder is now normal and not tumor.
  3. Special K is over her cold.
  4. Little T can wear little boy pants
  5. Eating ripe organic bananas
  6. Special K shuts the door to the bathroom so Little T can't go exploring there.
  7. A nice hot cup of tea
  8. Little T has started to look at books on his own just like big sis Special K
  9. C has been getting together with some old friends.
  10. After several "web site is down", I can finally pay my American Express card bill online.
I hate tagging people, but please carry on the meme if you feel so moved.


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Jan. 14th, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
Jenny said...

1. I am grateful that my current cold is not worse.
2. I am grateful for Laurel and how wonderful she and Sylvia are.
3. I'm grateful Sam let me sleep for 1.5 hours today.
4. I'm grateful Craig did grocery shopping last weekend and we have food to eat.
5. I'm grateful for Saving Dinner, so I don't have to think about what to cook.
6. I'm grateful we ran into our preschool teacher--who happens to live near us--today and had a quick chat with her. I'm warming to her.
7. I'm grateful I got the job of Science Parent at our preschool, even though it takes time.
8. I'm grateful Anna made the guest bed when she left this weekend.
9. I'm grateful "Plan B" (Anne Lamott's new book) finally came back to the library so I can read it before the CAR luncheon.
10. I'm grateful that I forgot my wallet when we went out this afternoon so I couldn't overload my day by going to CostCo, even though we need things.
11. I'm grateful I'm not crazy.
12. I'm grateful I'm not pregnant. (I didn't think I was, but hardly a day goes by that I don't thank the stars that I'm not in that state.)

10/24/2005 09:04:00 PM
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