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I wrote 1000 words today so my non-fiction book is up to 14,800 words.

I'm enjoying Season 1 of "Lost" on DVD. I just got a membership with Blockbuster Online. At the store, Blockhead has a one-month trial membership for $9.99, 3 DVDs out a time, unlimited DVDS. Membership includes coupons for two free in-store rentals a month. Pretty good deal, at least for a month.

However "Lost" gets a little repetitive. For example, we learn that Sawyer's dad killed his mother and then killed himself after a grifter swindled Sawyer's mother. Then a few episodes later, we actually see the scene. Gratuitous. We already know that it made Sawyer very very sad. Similarly we see several scenes in which we learn that Jin beats up people for Sun's dad the mafia boss and he hates it. Also weird things happen that surprise me, but so far the characters themselves haven't surprised me. Now in the "Sopranos" the characters themselves do things that surprise me while still acting entirely in character. Now that's really really cool. I hope I write like that.


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Jan. 14th, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)
Dee said...

I love Lost. While the scenes seem to be repetitive, you'll see extra details in each that add up to a solution later on. I.e. Hurly is on the tv when the kids are watching while Jin beats up their father. The clues they've written into the show are amazing when you talk with others about what they've found.

10/20/2005 08:39:44 AM
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