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Writer's liberation

I found more words of wisdom from Jenny Crusie about writer's liberation. She compares getting published to getting married. It really resonated for me. It's not supposed to be a goal and it's not an end in itself. Marriage is delightful. I'm sure being published is also. But getting published also means you have more work and more criticism. And instead of rejection letters that you receive privately in your email or mailbox, the criticism is public. That's why I held off submitting my writing until I was ready.

One of the best decisions I made was choosing my husband. But I did work a lot on myself first. And I continue to work on myself as a writer, to make myself a good match for an agent. I read books and blogs about how it's supposed to be. That great relationship. Except I'm not even looking yet. I look at personals now and then. My non-fiction book is now at 12,600 words.