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Drop-off class & Finding an agent

I managed to write 550 words somehow today. I took Special K to gymnastics and to a ballet/tap class. The ballet/tap class is her first truly drop-off class. You drop off your kid and go away. The sign explicitly says parents aren't welcome. It's another milestone for us. I'm not there with her in gym class, but I can watch and most times I do.

I pulled two interesting essays about it's all about you about defining yourself as a writer and Impossible Dream: finding the right agent by Jennifer Crusie from Miss Snark. I agreed with the first essay. I think it's my MBA showing, because it's all about setting a career plan. The second essay also reflects me as well, because it talks about chemistry, although it doesn't actually use that California fru-fru word. After years of working, I know chemistry really is important.

I also think it's funny that Miss Snark writes "I don't agree you "hire" a agent." She's technically correct, of course. To hire means that you engage the services of the person for a fee. With a agent you engage their services for a percentage of the royalties you earn. However I think Jennifer's connotation was that she's the one bringing in the money.