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Pancakes and Rodelinda

On Saturday we went to the first annual FireFighter's Pancake Breakfast. It reminded me of the pancake breakfasts I went to in my youth. Special K had a great time wearing a plastic firefighter hat and climbing fire engines. Little T loved scooting about on the straw and rolling a small pumpkin about.

On Saturday C and I had a lovely dinner at Jardinere with my dad. Then we all attended the opera Rodelinda which was done by the same people as Alcina. Alcina was memorably awful. It featured folks in leather costumes writhing around on the floor. Rodelinda ended almost every scene with a man on the floor. The first act no-one could sing an aria without at least three other people doing something else completely unrelated in the background. I guess they feared we might get bored. I found it distracting. I did like the 1940's noir set, but I disliked the Mussolini references.

I also hate when a producer blatantly ignored the libretto. If someone sings "I embrace you." Then she should be embracing someone literally or figuratively. But the second and third act are much darker and the ethos of the production seemed to be that it was okay to let the singer just sing if they were singing something sad.

I wrote 600 words on my nonfiction book today. It's up to 8400 words now. I think it'll be 85k. 79.1k to go. I also revised "Cascade".