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Little T's slow rise

I guessed Little T's platelets would be 95. They were 97. That's not normal, but also not dangerous. If his platelets continue to remain at this level or above, he's going to continue on the same high dose of steroids for another month, then gradually wean down.

He's finally started gaining weight again up to 9256g, though the steroids are definitely stunting his growth, because he hasn't grown at all since he last measured on 11/16 when he measured 69.7 cm.

We had to wait over half an hour for his blood draw, but we had Sean again, so once again he got it smoothly on one try.

We're going down to once a week appointments now. Phew!

Despite the high dose of steroids, Little T is still laughing, scooting, and babbling most of the time. He only flies in rages about twice a day. His arm continues to shrink and his elbow now bends ever so slightly as the tumor slowly shrinks milimeter by milimeter. Though I am concerned that with the steroids, he seems to have lost his desire to walk or cruise. When I try to walk him, he won't hold his legs straight. However he pulls up on C and me all the time. Go figure.