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Little T's platelets stay low

Little T's platelets today were 87, so really about the same. That's what I thought going in. But I didn't hear what I was dreading: he would have to go back on Vincristine. I'm very grateful for that.

C came with me and really it's far easier to ask hard questions when he's there. So I asked what would put Little T back on Vincristine. The short answer is his platelets would have to drop below 20. His doctor actually mentioned Vincristine when his platelets were 211, but she tends to be a pessimist. The time before, his platelets were down to 40 and she was envisioning them dropping down below 20. Of course the long answer is his platelets do have to improve over time, but he has some time.

In addition he could get a higher dose of steroids. He's on 2mg/kg and he could go up to 3mg/kg for a short time.

Sadly he is definitely immunocompromised on this dose, so he can no longer be in occupational/physical therapy in a group setting.

He lost about 50g. I think it's the effect of the steroids. He eats more and loses weight. What a great diet except that you

My writing continues. I caught up on the days I missed and my non-fiction book is at almost 24k now. I also finished an article on my breastfeeding experiences with both kids, which I plan to submit once I get critiques. Please let me know if you want to read it.