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A bittersweet milestone

Last night Special K, C and I went to our first party without Little T. He had to stay at home, because he's still immuno-compromised. We had a good sitter through the respite care agency. By odd coincincidence she has the same name as our wonderful teenage babysitter.

The party itself was lovely. Lots of friendly people. Good food. Lots of kids. One kid had the exact same hair as Little T, said "gah", and took the same delight into moving about as Little T. He was also about the same size as Little T. He's 10 months old, so I guess that means Little T is functionally about 10 months old. Watching him really made me miss Little T. We came home after 2 1/2 hours and Little T seemed happy to see us, but continued to play contentedly with the babysitter. What a relief!

The holiday season is upon us. So we'll attend more parties without Little T. I feel sad for him. He loves parties. But I count my blessings that he's still here, he's at home, we have time to go to parties, we have people who can babysit him so we can go to parties, and of course we have friends who have parties.