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Scare leads to better news

We had a bit of a scare last night, because we saw petechiace on his left forearm. We were worried that his platelet count might be dropping to the dangerous internal bleeding level. So this morning C took him into for another blood test. His platelet count was 97! Not normal, but definitely out of the worry if he bumps his head stage.

The platelet numbers are points in time. We have two numbers. So far, they indicate an upward trend. We hope it stays that way. We hope it means the tumor has started shrinking again. But we need more data and more time to know anything. We just have to watch and wait.

We also had another small victory. Armed with my list of best blood drawers, the blood draw took only one try. Previously it took at least three tries with lots of painful digging around the vein. Last time in desperation I asked what I should do and I got the list.