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I spent some time today writing a letter to my insurance justifying physical therapy with UCSF instead of the local PT company who has no clue what to do with me and my myoclonic dystonia. I've not been nearly as good dealing with this issue as I have dealing with Little T's numerous medical issues.

With some nudging from C, I've gotten better at doing some of the exercises in the handout the PT gave me. The handout says to take an hour a day. I don't see that as attainable right now. I can manage 15 minutes twice a day. I also think it's more sustainable for me to repeat the same set of exercises twice a day. I'm supposed to be stretching and relaxing tense muscles. I find it difficult to learn new things. If I have too many things to remember, I focus on thinking rather than doing, and I jerk a lot more. So I'm continuing my ankle exercises until Dec 15 making it two months of exercises. And I just added exercises to stretch my neck, back and pectoral muscles and one exercise to stretch my arms.

Little T has stretched too. He's started cruising again. He lets me walk him holding his arms again.

I wrote more today, so my manuscript is now 30,764 words.

I also managed to prepare and roast a chicken. All in a productive day.


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Jan. 13th, 2006 11:21 pm (UTC)
Julie said...

Will you be at UCSF on the Parnassus campus? I work at the Laurel Heights campus but I'm on Parnassus at least twice a month.

12/06/2005 02:30:44 PM
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