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Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark

I was also disappointed in Trader Joe's peppermint bark. I think I bought it before, and forgot it was disappointing. Now it's here in my blog, so I can read it again and save my money. Perhaps you can save yours. I paid $9.99 for 6 3x3" squares. Those are expensive squares. It comes in a big tin, so I guess that's part of where your money goes.

The white fudge tastes creamy and milky, but lacks any other particular flavour. That's okay. We're here for the chocolate. The dark fudge tastes rich velvety chocolate, made from decent chocolate liqueor. It's a good combination with the peppermint candy, which has a strong minty flavour. However for some reason the candy maker skimps on the peppermint candy, so it's quite unsatisfying as peppermint bark. It's actually just white-dark chocolate at a high price. I guess I could go and buy some peppermint candy, crush it and make it good, but at that price, it seems rather ridiculous.

I tried Ghiradelli peppermint bark at a party. The peppermint tasted strong and minty, but paled against the bland chocolate.

I know I bought peppermint bark somewhere and I loved it. It was expensive though, so I think I blocked it out of my mind. Where can I buy good peppermint bark? Why is it expensive?

C says I should blog about Trader Joe's food since I buy so much of it. Problem is that it changes all the time. But I do find that Trader Joe's food is very hit or miss. Some of their food is wonderful. And well, then there's the peppermint bark. Want to read more Trader Joe's food reviews? Tell me.


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Jan. 13th, 2006 11:15 pm (UTC)
sure, I'd be eager to read TJ tips from you. for example, I love their chicken gyoza, but never had any luck with the veggie gyoza (unless they've changed the producer for that item). and sometimes you can get really good deals on imported cheeses. muuuh, cheeeeese...!
# posted by sairuh : 12/06/2005 07:43:58 PM

I'd recommend this mint chocolate. I love it so much. It's minty crunchy and rich chocolatey. Yum!

# posted by K. : 12/06/2005 08:06:52 PM

I love food reviews. My Trader Joe favorites? Chicken gyoza & veggie samosas. I also like their chocolate-almond biscotti.
# posted by Plantgirl : 12/06/2005 11:02:21 PM

I am glad to have a TJ nearby because they have a big variety of foods that don't have preservatives. However, you're right--some of their offerings are great and some not so great. I had a great chocolate peppermint cake from there for Thanksgiving but was disappointed in the lemon meringues I purchased a few months previously.
# posted by Molly Joss : 12/07/2005 01:42:20 PM

We have a TJ here that the local girls rave about. I went in once after I found out that they're the only store that carries chocolate moussecake that Mimi's Cafe sells to people who know it's there. *sniff* they didn't carry it. I was so grief stricken I never went back in there. Tell me what's nasty there just in case.
# posted by Dee : 12/07/2005 11:36:23 PM

I like the Williams Sonoma peppermint bark. But it's expensive, $22.50/box or 2 for $36. I usually buy two, keep one as a present to myself and gift the other one.
# posted by Anonymous : 12/16/2005 02:34:24 PM
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