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Year In Review Meme

Take the first line of the first entry from each month for the last year. (Gaked from luvmoose, owlmoose and madlori)

I didn't have any blog entries this year before May.

May: The Water owl is a rare strange bird, so I provide you with this field guide to the medical issues that form a background to her daily life.
June: Little T showed off his rolling at his OT apt.
July: I'm amazed at how much progress Little T has made with his legs.
August: It mentions sex, so be warned, if some reason, you don't want to be exposed to sex.
September: I'm amused that I'm Sparrow as she was the only Asian American character for a long time.
October: I think it actually says a lot more about the quiz makers than me.
November: Yesterday Little T seemed quite recovered from his illness.
December: I caught up with my writing quota and am now even a day ahead.

Conclusion: I've had a tumultuous year, hopefully one of the worst of my life, but you'd never know reading this. Bad stuff doesn't happen on the first entry of the first month, at least not this year.