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Dancing Scooby Doo, Lost & Future Shock

If you'd like to see Scooby Doo (or 2 humans) dance to the music you play on Microsoft Media Player 10, download this from Microsoft. Special K finds it very entertaining. I like it when Scooby Doo break dances and sommersaults.

I like reading commentary about "Lost" and various theories about what's going on on the Bryn Mawr board. From there I got this link for the most long winded and complicated theory yet that I love it for its sheer audacity, and shiny photos. I missed Hurley in this episode. I love Hurley. I hope he gets together with Libby. Photos of what's in the mysterious black smoke. I posted this before, but it was at the bottom of a serious post, so I'm reposting it: Lost Rhapsody.

Pulled from Jed's journal:"Imagine you’re an 18-year-old computer gamer in Chicago, and you’re sitting around at home one evening when someone you don’t know comes to your door and says they’re from the future, and hands you a package, then leaves." Thus began a 3-year LARP. It's pretty cool. The Future Shock: A Three Year Cross Country Adventure to Save the World


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Jan. 15th, 2006 07:26 am (UTC)
I missed this before somehow. Just wanted to say that I hadn't seen that theory before and I *love* it. Not that I buy it, not for a second, but its scope, complexity, and -- I agree with you -- audacity is simply amazing. Thanks for posting the link!
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