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Little T speaks

Little T's smiling and scooting again. I feel such joy that I'm starting to have my son back.

He says "gah" a lot. Gah means something in Little T language, because it has many intonations, but I just don't get what it means. I asked him yesterday if he wanted a bottle and he said "yeah." I haven't heard any more intelligible words since. The previous word I heard was "bye" on Thursday though C says he said other words to him. Little T now has a vocabulary of four words: hi, bye, no, and yeah. However he says at most one word a day, so nobody but C and I know he can talk. When Special K knew four words, she said them over and over to anyone who would listen. The entire world knew she could talk. She had one Special K word "meh", but she kept saying it until C and I got what it meant -- food. It's such a contrast.

I took a few days off. Kinda hard to write when you have to hold a baby. Also Special K is having regression problems i.e an accident once a day usually accompanied by crying. I guess it's to be expected. This is the first time she's had any real problems, but it's also the first time Little T's been sick and not gone to the hospital and she's older now and perhaps better able to understand. So I've been holding her a lot too. A friend's taking her on a special outing tomorrow, which I hope will help.

But I started writing again yesterday. My non-fiction book's at 21,205. I'm hoping to have my book proposal done by Thanksgiving, but it may be unrealistic given how much baby and child holding still remains in my future.