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Little T at 15 months

Little T platelets continue their slow climb upwards now to 100 and his fibrinogen was 130.

His weight jumped up to 9531. I think he gained a lot of water, thanks to the steroids. His cheeks are as round as a chipmunk's, and his arms and legs seem pudgy, but are actually more puffy when you take a closer look. He's so short at 27" and he doesn't walk, so he can be mistaken for a younger baby. I sometimes get weird looks when I say how old he is. He turned 15 months yesterday.

Little T inspires me to keep plugging away at my book. I'm primarily revising the first three chapters, and I've had little time to myself this week due to various medical apts, and Special K's cough, so I've fallen behind on my quota. I also haven't had good sleep for two nights in a row. Last night Special K lay in our bed coughing. The night before I ate something that disagreed with me and I stayed up half the night worrying about things I normally just put out of my mind since worrying about them does no good and just adds to the number of things I have to keep track of.

I wish so much for my kids, but I can't will them to health. It's amazing how much sleep affects my ability to deal with stress. And how when Special K cries because she's coughing, it still breaks my heart, even though Little T has endured so much more without a whimper. And I'm too keyed up to take a nap. I'm eating chocolate in an effort to improve my mood.

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