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Star Trek: New Voyages

I'm surprised I didn't learn about this before, but I haven't read much buzz about Star Trek New Voyages

You download it off the Internet for free, so it's a true labor of love. The sounds and music of the original Star Trek are reproduced faithfully and the same characters are portrayed by different actors who act in the same style as the original series as well. I waffle whether I find this charming or annoying. The special effects rival a decent video game. Gene's Rodenberry's son has given this effort his seal of approval during the filming of the second episode, so it carries the Star Trek name.

I watched "In Harm's Way", the second episode of two. The first episode was their pilot. This episode is a flying cowboy episode with lots of shooting spaceships and tricky maneuvers. Kirk doesn't get a girl. My favourite episodes were when Spock gets the girl. However the episode featured twists and turns, solid problem solving from Spock and the usual death defying stunts from Kirk. Unfortunately the writing suffered somewhat from what I call "fanboy syndrome". It required a detailed understanding of the episodes "Doomsday Machine" and "The City on the Edge of Forever". I had seen both episodes years ago, but I'd forgotten the details, so I was quite lost until C explained things to me. So if you don't remember these episodes, I recommend watching them beforehand or reading an episode summary.

It did make me appreciate how hard it must be to write tv scripts. I never get lost watching Star Trek episodes. Somehow they remind me of backstory without hitting me over the head too much, or losing me.

However the next episode due in 2006 was written by DC Fontana who wrote several scripts for the original Star Trek and several books. And I expect it will be fun and interesting.

I encourage any and all Star Trek fans to download the episode, or at least visit the site. I truly think it's a worthy effort and represents what I love best about the Internet.
Live Long and Prosper!