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Elliptical exercise

Little T's platelets dipped slightly to 93 today, but we're starting to slowly wean him off steroids. The steroids have made him gain weight, now at 9922 grams, which finally puts him on the growth chart at just above the 5th percentile. He also grew 3 whole cm after a month of no growth. He's now 71cm almost 28 inches. He's the complete opposite body type of his sister who's tall and skinny.

I had a brain wave yesterday about how to get me to exercise: buy an elliptical machine. Then I can exercise while the kids watch tv or rouster about. I need to do weight bearing exercise to relieve stress, increase bone mass for my bordeline osteopinia, and so I can live to at least 100. C can't decide if it's a crazy or a wonderful idea. The machine will just about fit in our bedroom if we move furniture about and get rid of a chest of drawers.

I see two other alternatives for exercise:
1)pushing the stroller around. It's hard work with two heavy kids, and hard to get myself to do it. It's also very hard on my wrists.

2) take a class or go to a gym. Unfortunately Little T can't go to childcare at the gym due to being immunocompromised. And he'll probably be medically fragile for months, so I can't count on any solution which involves him going into the gym daycare. I could cut into the childcare time I have currently to exercise, but that leaves me less time to shop, run errands, write, shower, etc. Keep in mind that Little T is not supposed to taken out to public places.

I confess I've taken him to the library once or twice when Special K was going stir crazy and I got desperate. It's a large public place and he can stay in his stroller. As long as no-one touches, him or breathes on him, and he touches nothing outside the stroller, it's okay. But I have to bring hand sanitizer with me. Inevitably Little T wants to be picked up while I'm carrying a stack of books. So I have to ditch the books in the stroller, quickly sanitize my hands, and pick him up before he starts screaming. I guess I do get exercise in strange ways, but not for 30 minutes straight.


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Jan. 12th, 2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
Jenny said...

Check out Play It Again sports, at El Camino and 85. They have a large variety of exercise equipment, even some with pretty small footprints. You can also find things inexpensively on Craig's list. I think it's a great idea!

12/21/2005 06:30:39 PM
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