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Still sick and playing World of Warcraft

Sorry for the silence. Christmas was somewhat stressful, but it's over now. We're still all sick. I'm in danger of developing a sinus infection, so I've been getting steamed four times a day at the suggestion of my doctor. You pour boiling water into a bowl, stick your face over the bowl, cover your head with a towel and then breathe in the steam for five minutes. He also told me about Mucinex. I didn't know they had time-release tussin. It's improved my life a great deal. I originally went to the doctor to get cough medicine with codeine, but I ended up only needing it one night so far.

C plays World of Warcraft with a hunter character. Special K and I watch. Special K likes the hunter's pet bear and killing the animals. Special K says "You can make different faces and dress them up." i.e. play different characters, usually dwarves or gnomes, little people. She kills lots of animals. She makes them jump and dance. She also enjoys making the hunter jump and run around in circles. She finds new and interesting ways to get the hunter killed like running the hunter into the loch and getting eaten by the loch ness monster. I like the hunter, because she lives off the land skinning animals. C likes exploring the world and solving problems that don't involve work or Little T.