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I just took off the patch today, because the nausea was getting to the point where I couldn't ignore it and was causing me stress. I don't need stress. On the plus side, I finished my first draft of my children's book for the New Voices Award. I have no clue if they want a story about a Burmese kid, but they're getting one this year.

At Little T CCS OT apt, his OT talked about cutting back to appointments once a month once he learns how to walk, because Little T has "motor planning skills, good cognitive ability and bright eyes." However she did say I should ask to have his speech evaluated, so I can get it a baseline. It's interesting to see how different OTs view Little T. As I blogged the other day, his Stanford OT thinks he lacks motor planning in speech. I tend to agree with the CCS therapist. We'll see. It scares and excites me to see less of CCS. CCS tends to see a lot of kids with cerebal palsy and also needs to save money. We'll see how it goes.