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Mysteries of growing and mobility

Special K has sudddenly grown again. First I noticed that she was a head taller than her two friends at gym. Then I noticed her pants that used to brush the tops of her sandals are now above her ankles. Also the sandles I bought her at the beginning of the summmer are a little snug. Special K seems mystified too as she keeps putting on clothes that are too small for her. When I was a kid, I used to grow without my noticing. In fact I'm not quite sure how I grew from 5'5 to 5'8.

C and I went to our first opera of the season The Girl from Algiers. I have more to say on our evening, but I now have a completely mobile baby. Oh, my! As I was typing this, Little T managed to scoot on his little butt all the way over to the bathroom. I'm so excited for our kids to reach each milestone and then afterwards I remember what a pain it is to deal with.