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20 Facts about me

This is a meme that I got from owlmoose. I'll try to provide facts that aren't on my web page or in my journal
  1. I loved to stare at punk rockers on the bus in Chelsea, London where I spent my early childhood.
  2. The first story I ever wrote was about meeting Mother Teresa in Calcutta.
  3. C and I come from mirror universe families. I'm the eldest girl of girl boy girl. C is the eldest boy of boy girl boy.
  4. Bee* and me don't get along. I'm allergic to bees to the point where I keep an epipen. When I eat beef, I literally throw up. I also hate beets and beer.
  5. I have had season tickets to the opera since 1995.
  6. I had a horrible crush on Mr. Spock from Star Trek when I was twelve.
  7. I'm not afraid of heights. I'm afraid of jumping. I'm not suicidal in any way, but when I look off a bridge or any tall building, I feel like jumping off. Sometimes I dream I jump off buildings and I start to fly.
  8. My favourite numbers are 13 and 42. 13 because it seems witchy to me and 42 because it's the answer to life the universe and everything.
  9. My maternal grandfather was a Burmese diplomat before the military junta took over.
  10. I've travelled all over Europe, North and South America, and parts of Asia, but I've never been to Africa, Australia, or Antarctica. I've always wanted to go on a safari and to the Great Barrier Reef. And I will when we can travel again. I'm not sure about Antarctica.
  11. My mother forced me to take piano lessons as a child and I hardly ever practiced. As as result, I can sight-read pretty well, but I'm an awful piano player.
  12. I prefer to play computer games with someone else. I don't mind "watching" if I can kibbitz. In fact it's usually easier for me since a lot of games are frustrating for me to play with my movement disorder. Not that I have time to play many games these days.
  13. If you judge favourite movie by number of times most watched, then it's Casablanca. Otherwise I think it varies. And see below.
  14. Other than a few memorable movies like Casablanca, I tend to forget the plot and dialogue of most movies a few years after I've seen them. C finds this shocking. I think it's great. I get to see a movie over again and it's like new.
  15. I've been misnamed a variety of names in my time, but the best name I was ever mistakenly called was Athena in college. I didn't correct her and it took her months to figure out my proper name.
  16. I like tea tastings and drinking fine tea on occasion, but every morning I drink Tetley tea. It's comfort food for me.
  17. My favourite colour is purple.
  18. Before I had kids, I used to think vomit was the grossest thing. Now I'm pretty blase about it.
  19. I have hyperflexible ankles which is supposed to be related to my myoclonic dystonia, so I've sprained both ankles a lot. I've reduced the number of sprains in recent years by doing ankle exercises after each sprain.
  20. I was asked to be Water on a MUSH, just because someone wanted me to be part of four elements. Then later I discovered one of the meanings of my name Thida is Water.
That was harder than I thought it would be.