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Friday and weekend

On Friday Little T had his one year checkup. His ped was impressed by how far he's come. He now weighs 18lb 7oz, which puts him on the growth charts! My son's in the third percentile. I never thought I'd be proud to say those words. :) He's only 26.5 inches long, so still below the charts. But his head is still the 50th percentile at 18.25".

Little T delivers to a deadline and to an audience. On Saturday he pulled up for the first time in front of adoring fans at his party including his hematologist. He also actually waved for the first time too. He used to raise his right arm in the air once, then drop it back down. It was one wave. But not waves. Now he waves...sometimes.

We all really enjoyed his birthday party which had 20 people. We tried to keep the guest list down, but it keep ballooning. We're at the stage of life where you can't invite one person, because they often have an SO and child/ren. I used to have large parties where I invited everyone I knew, which was fun, but now I have to do mummy things as well as hostess things. And twenty was about all I could handle.

Or maybe it was the amount of unexpected drama. A friend showed up for literally about ten minutes to give me her news which included she was getting a divorce. Then Sonya and Roberta arrived late and Robert had a lot of cuts on his face. The poor things had gotten into a car accident on their way down here. No-one was seriously hurt, but the air bag had deployed in Robert's face and scratched him up pretty badly. We had two doctors at the party and tons of medical supplies. But it turned out that washing the cuts and applying antibiotic ointment was all that was necessary.

Sunday was much quieter. C and the kids went to the farmers' market as usual. C bought some moon cakes and we ate them in the light of the full moon for the Chinese Moon Festival. We'll prolly make it a family tradition every year.