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Now that the exhaustion has faded a little. I can recount more. First, Special K got lost at Toy R Us for about a minute. A minute where I had plenty of time to envision all sorts of horrifying scenarios. I called her and called her and she didn't answer. I found her standing next to one of those song kiosks."Why didn't you answer?" She replied matter of factly, "I was listening to songs."

But as if to reward me for scaring me so, she gave an unexpected delight at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's shopping carts and in fact most shopping carts have room for only one child. At Trader Joe's, Little T rides in the front in his car seat while Special K likes to ride in the shopping cart itself. It's a balancing act to load items around her without crushing her or crushing the items. Yesterday she suddenly stood up in the shopping cart and declared "[Little T] is the best baby brother ever" and gave him a big kiss on the cheek".

And today Little T inched along to another milestone literally. He scooted about three feet on his butt and right arm. He moves in a most peculiar way. He starts from a sitting position then leans his stomach and his right arm all the way over like he's going to crawl. His left arm remains behind his back, which hinder his progress somewhat. But the main problem is he doesn't lift his butt more than an inch off the ground, so he only moves a few inches. Then he moves himself back to a sitting position. He takes a break then starts again. As you can imagine, it's very hard work, but getting to Mummy was a great incentive. I'm sure he'll soon figure out a more efficient way of moving even with his non-functional left arm.