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On Sunday we went to a birthday party for twins that were born on the same day as Little T. It was the first time in a long time that we had a party on blankets where all the children were on blankets, except Special K and the older sibling and another child who arrived to wait the birth of his younger sibling. Little T had a fabulous time smiling and "talking" to the other babies and banging his hand against the blankets.

We put him on the ground with the twins' nursing pillow in case he fell over and both twins crawled over to him. He said "hi". It does literally sound like hi. I guess that counts as his one word. It would have been interesting to see what happened next. Unfortunately both twins started crying, so they had to be removed. Ahh, well.

Yesterday I took both kids to Storytime Monday. Last time it was an unqualified disaster as my nanny (not the one I have now) fell asleep and Little T hated it. This time Little T enjoyed listening to the story. He also enjoyed grabbing the socks of another almost 1 year old and trying to grab the parachute. Special K love running around with her friends. We'll definitely try to go again next week.

I feel bad, because a year has slipped by and Little T has no friends his own age, and I didn't even really notice the lack. Special K already had several friends. Some child experts say children can't make friends at this age. yada yada. Nonesense, I say. You only have to see how Special K used to light up when she saw her friends, still does in fact and how they would crawl up to each other. I'm not really sure how or when I'd have made these friends for Little T, especially since for large parts of the year, he couldn't be in contact with other babies and seeing healthy babies filled me with envy, so it's not really that. And I suppose that's it. I guess I did think about it fleetingly back at the beginning, but I realised it wasn't possible. I do have this capacity to simply put things out of my mind, which is different from letting go, which I'm bad at. But we'll see if I can move making friends for Little T on my long to-do list for him next year.