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Special K starts preschool again

Special K started preschool again today with "Preschool Orientation". It's a shorter day and the parent/s attend too. We were late and saw Special K's old teachers on our way in, which was lovely, but a little confusing for Special K.

Her new classroom is the largest of the five and has 28 kids. Her old classroom had 24, but also had 4 teachers. She already knows one of the teachers. And the teacher talked about her to another parent. "X loves art. I hope other kids will too." said this parent. "Oh, yes" said the teacher "Special K loves art." Indeed she does. Though her art at home primarily consists of cutting paper, cardboard, feathers, felt, and anything else I let her cut into tiny bits.

Special K clung to me at first, but at snacktime she happily walked away outside while the parents stayed inside for the parent orientation. A few other kids came back crying, but not Special K. Later she wanted me to sit with her on the "grass" while she poured fake rocks into my hand. I had to explain to her the grass was fake, because she wanted to pluck it.

The parent who originally recommend this preschool to us has her younger child in the same class and she specifically asked for this classroom. Her older child was in for two years in a row. Like Special K, I still miss our old class. The teachers there was so warm and friendly. They provided an oasis for Little K with the chaos and drama of Little T's hospitalizations. It makes me teary just thinking about it. The new teachers are less polished and needed notes for the orientation. But I'm sure we'll both get used to it.