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More on Hurricane Katrina

Okay, it seems worse than I thought it was. It's the worst hurricane in 100 years. But it's still not as bad as the hyperbole. Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana apparently said "This is a tragedy of great proportions, greater than any we've see in our lifetimes." However although it's been quoted all over the blogosphere, and rightly condemned, or at least pointed out as hyperbole, I could only find the quote in one news source, the Shreveport Times. Therefore I hope either the reporter caught the governor in an overwhelmed moment, or he misquoted her.

Tragedy, yes. I still feel really bad for the people affected. I was especially touched by the story Babies evacuated from the ICU, though I was annoyed that they added the bit on the end about looting. Is it looting or finding bread and soda?

I keep seeing these two photos captioned with a white male and a mixed race woman "finding bread and soda" and a black male "looting". The first time was from Jkfabiani. Even if the facts are true, the wording is dangerous.

And omg omg experts expect gas to be $4 a gallon And yes it's related to Hurricane Katrina...supposedly. IMO any excuse to gouge us at the pump. Even though the US pays the lowest at the pump.