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In another case of nothing is ever simple with Little T, he has a horrid raging rash on his left arm, which is eczema. It's a lot worse, because the circulation there is very poor due to his tumour. Unfortunately the eczema's infected and crusted over, so he needs to ingest an antibiotic Keflex three times a day as well as have steroid cream rubbed on the rash. Amazingly he likes the taste of the Keflex syrup, so our nanny was able to just give it to him with no fuss.

His barium swallow study yesterday showed normal swallowing. So we're moving onto the next step to figure out why he's not eating, which is a PH study on September 12th. They stick a probe down his throat for 24 hours. It sounds very uncomfortable, but we really need some answers. He's advancing in every way except eating. He's been off chemo since June 8th, but his eating in the past couple weeks has been worse not better despite an increase in Prilosec. He throws up every morning. Maybe he has motility issues.

Whenever I would say I'm not happy, because we're not making any progress, she would get defensive. So I just switched to her attending doctor. I feel a little bad about it, but it's not because she's a PNP. I'm happy to see PNP in Hemo. It means that things are going well with Little T. I switched because Little T has made no progress in GI under her care and I find it difficult to get along with her. And I have since my first apt with her when she said he was "overfed" when he was not gaining weight at that time.

God, I first took him to GI on May 25. That was a lifetime ago in terms of his other issues. He was still on chemo. He could barely sit up. He had just started making noise. We were amazed he could use his right arm to yank things. You've come a long way, baby. Okay, I feel better now.