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Potty training my Sims child

I've recently realised that potty training my daughter Special K is pretty much like playing the Sims. In that game, you can turn off basic bodily functions, and watch their bladder get full. If it gets too full, then the Sim pees on the floor and is embarrassed. Special K works in much the same way. She doesn't have a bladder indicator above her head, but she crosses her legs, leans against something and behaves in much the same way as the Sims characters do. Occasionally she does go to the bathroom on her own, but rarely.

I kept hoping she'd just get it and potty train herself, but she really doesn't seem to have much internal incentive to do it. Well, she did in January, because her friend Sylvia was potty training, but then Little T had his relapse and went back to the hospital, so she understandably said forget it. All her friends except one are potty trained and this particular friend Sam is a good friend, but he doesn't have the same keep-up-with-him sway that Sylvia does.

And I'm so sick of diapers. So is Special K, because she complains every time I change her diaper. It's a little stressful watching my sim child's bladder and cleaning up messes if I fail. But changing her diaper is even more stressful. It's big and messy and invariably Little T starts to wail. I have to persuade her to get her diaper changed, or go to the potty, so the amount of time to get her prepared is about the same. And I have more latitude as to when to put her on the potty, it takes less time than changing a diaper, and I can entertain Little T a little more at the same time. She's also very pleased and proud when she does succeed, and that's what keeps us going.