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High Reunion and Acme Dinner Saturday night

On Saturday night, my husband C and I first went to the 25th anniversary of Acme Theatre Company from my hs. I met some old friends and had a great time. Most were married and had kids and had returned to Davis. It's called "returning home to spawn." Elizabeth is now a freelance writer with her husband and call themselves Write The First Time. Anton lives on a horse ranch nearby and still welds. Sarah is a systems engineer.

Analisa is an energy state government official and showed us the prototype of a fuel cell car which she finangled. She drove it around for the weekend, then it'll go to the people in her department then to politicians. C said seeing her car was the highlight of the weekend and it was really cool.

Analisa met us at the high school reunion and we wandered around. Unfortunately apart from Malcolm Young whom I'd met earlier, I didn't see anyone I was actually friends with in hs, except Cheryl Washino whom I was friends with at the beginning of hs, but then we drifted apart. I talked to her for a bit. She was still really nice, but I ran out of things to say.

I met some classmates at St. James Catholic school where I went for grades 6-9. I had nice chats with all of them. Nothing earthshattering. One woman said something about how I wrote this great book report and the class liked it so much that they asked me to read it again. I don't remember it all. In fact I wouldn't have remembered her or the fact that she was at St. James if she hadn't reminded me. I was a total nerd and social outcast at St. James. I was 1 of 10 girls and the rest all glommed together. They're just a mass in my mind, not even real people now since I assume they've grown up now and know better. That's not to say that everyone from that era isn't real, just the people who were only mean to me and nothing else.

I did have one weird interaction with someone I vaguely recognised who turned away from me while I was in the same group. I think she must have been one of the folks in hs who thought I was stupid, because I have a movement disorder. I remembered that contingent when she did it. I was disappointed, because my 10 year reunion was unmarred by such incidents. I thought I remember her name, but when I looked in the yearbook, there was no such name.

The main theme for me was that pretty much everyone ends up at the same place. In hs I was still pretty shy and learning social skills. But I always knew that I'd grow up and life would get better.

And the highlight of my evening was dancing with C. We haven't danced just the two of us in a while.