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My kids, my husband C and I all drove to Davis Friday night for my 20-year high school reunion and Acme 25th anniversary dinner. Poor C had to drive in rush hour traffic most of the way, because we didn't leave until 5pm. He's a good husband. We ate some bread and cheese with my parents. We always eat a lot there. Then we left the kids with my parents and went to the first hs reunion event at a local bar.

To me, bars seem optimally bad places to meet people you don't know. The lighting is dim, so it's hard to see, and once you do see someone, it's hard to hear them. So I failed to recognize anyone and the people I talked to didn't recognize me or actually know me in hs. Still, I was amused to hear from the guy who said "I was in the wrestling club, but now I'm an environmental lawyer." Then I saw this woman smile and I recognized her smile. She has a smile that lights up her entire face. Her smile brightened my French class along with my friend Naomi. It turned out she was one of the reunion organizers. We reminisced about French class. Madame Stevens couldn't pronounce my name, so she called me Mathilde, which I hated. She was French and therefore never appreciated the difficulties we had in learning French.

The next hs event was Saturday morning meeting at the farmers market, except there was no meeting place and I failed to recognise anyone again. Meanwhile my daughter Special K had a blast on the carousel which a volunteer powers by pedaling. Then she rushed off to the playground. Finally C overheard some folks talking about hs reunion. I introduced myself, then met someone I shared a class with in hs and asked her who else was there. She pointed out a friend from junior high. I'd walked right by him and utterly failed to recognise him. We had a nice chat and learned we live in the same town, so we'll probably meet later. I also saw his parents who still live in town. My parents and his parents were friends, but lost touch, so perhaps they'll reconnect again as well.

I also saw the hs friend that I mentioned earlier. She's not in my class and said she wasn't going to be in Davis, so it was fun to run into her again.