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Little T's progress: Month 10.5

I realised I tend to post mostly about Little T's medical issues and his personality, but he has milestones like any other baby. Perhaps bound by my own internalised ableism, I didn't post them, because they're not as advanced as for a baby his age, but I just read an OT report written back in May and most of the goals that were written there, he's already accomplished. Why not write regularly about his progress? Then we all can look back and see how far he's come.

His greatest trick and the one he, C and I are most proud of is he can now stand for about a minute if he's leaning against a table with both arms.

He holds onto his left hand with his right hand, lifts up his left arm and uses it to get better leverage when rolling. He can roll both ways.

He can sit up with a straight back for about 10 minutes.

He can lean forward on his stomach and come back most of the time.

He bangs anything and everything with his right hand with a loud noise and a big grin.

He's started to experiment with the pincer grasp.

He shrugs his left shoulder a lot more.

He can chew a baby biscuit, goldfish or cheerios into a mash that he could swallow. Half the time he swallows it and sometimes spits up. Half the time he spits it out.

He says a-gah and gah like they're protowords.

He can play peekabo. Most of the time he actually hides his entire face when he plays.

He can make jokes.


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Jan. 12th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC)
Plantgirl said...

Hey, those are great milestones. I especially like that he's got proto-words. I just saw my nephew, who's a few months older than little T. He's talking - it's just not in English yet. Lots of "buh" and "gah" and "mabu" and the like.

8/08/2005 09:30:29 PM
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