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Little T's having a difficult day. Something makes him scream, cry and writhe. I give him Tylenol and gas drops and hold him and rock him. Sometimes he also wants a little formula too. Eventually he falls asleep. Then he wakes up and the process starts all over again.

My brief attempt at tummy time today resulted in blood curdling screams. Around that time, I needed to go to the bathroom. And I discovered Special K had dumped all the soap out of the soap dispenser that C had carefully filled yesterday. She said cheerfully "I filled it with water." I yelled at her and she said "I'm sorry" in a small voice that fills me with more guilt than anything.

Today I also took both kids to gym. That was good time. Special K loves gym and Little T loves watching his big sister. I want to pause her and say I'm so thankful for the fact that now we can take Little T out to public germy places like a gym. Yesterday when we went to that big 80's party I blogged about, I was so grateful just be able to sit in the sun with him at a party. He cooed and smiled and was generally charming. Then we got home and he started screaming again.

Also today I tried to prevent Special K from swallowing bells, keep her fed with yogurt and applesauce, and heaven help me, ply her with DVDs. I just can't deal with both children properly when Little T gets like this. Special K plays loudly next to him and wakes him up. And I end up yelling again. I think a DVD is better than yelling.

Now Little T's awake and watching Baby Einstein. Special K requested it, but it's really tv designed for babies. The thought scares me, but this is the longest he's been awake all day without screaming. People say well before tv, parents just dealt with it. Before tv, parents weren't home alone. I could hand Little T off to a relative to hold for a while, so I could recharge and regain a little sanity.

I had this beautiful plan that I was going to write more of my Burma fiction book proposal. The grandfather and the daughter are telling me my plot idea makes no sense. The mother is saying that's just because the grandfather doesn't understand. That's interesting. And I want to find out more, but I won't find out until I write more. But our nanny didn't feel well, so had to leave hours early. I did at least talk a little bit about it with a friend.

And now Little T has decided Baby Einstein isn't enough. He's not crying yet, but he's starting to fuss, so I go back to being human pillow.