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NJ & Morrisa's party, BMC list lunch

We had a lovely time at tritone and morrisa's party on Saturday. I hadn't seen them for too long. So long that they'd never met my husband or either of my two children and I'd never meet their child, mirandatime. Miranda talks a lot for her age and we were impressed by her vocabulary. She loved Special K and followed her around and tried to take back her toys. Special K didn't mind. Miranda's very sweet and cute. Here's a photo from their album. They also took some photos of Special K too, which I don't have yet.

I also had fun at the BMC list lunch on Sunday. Special K insisted on coming with me. Then she sat on the other side of this long table with Julia's twins and not even strawberries could entice her away. My little girl is growing up. Time was when she was glued to my hip.