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Getting the stitches out yesterday seemed to set Little T back a bit. He has terrible gas and spitup and we feed him at night through a pump, so it's worst then. Last night was difficult because he would spit up and scream at the top of his lungs. Getting stomach acid where you just had stitches out must hurt a lot. But the screaming makes the gas worse, so he'd spit up more. Eventually we'd calm him down. Then we had to clean him up and change his dressing. We were up at 1am 3am and 5am. I hope tonight is better! I stayed up tonight to hear if he'd awaken and start screaming, but then I just realised I'd have to stay up until 1am. I'm too tired to do that. I should be writing, but it's hard to write while keeping one ear out for screaming. Goodnight!