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Little T seems to prefer the Mic-key to the NG tube. He used to kick his legs and grunt disapprovingly when we first put on the pump at 150ml/hour. Last night he just grinned away. Unfortunately it also seems to give him more gas, so he spits up a lot more.

We went to CCS OT today and with some help, he stood for a quite a while watching the other kids. His OT suggested making a bracelet of bells using elastic band.

At his surgery apt, the NP removed his stitches which made him cry. I had brought some Ibuprofen, but I forgot to bring a syringe. Fortunately the Mic-key kit the NP brought had one so she gave him Ibuprofen and then we vented his tube. That made him feel better. Then we picked up his Prilosec and bought some Tylenol at the pharmacy. I also dropped off a doctor's form and tried to get some ace wraps, but neither Surgery nor Hemo had any. Go figure.

As I stood outside the car, the ground seemed to move under my feet and I swayed slightly. Either we had an earthquake or I have an equilibrium problem. I felt a little weird driving to the mall, but then I felt okay.

I drove to the mall and walked around pushing Little T in his stroller and did a bunch of shopping. I bought some ace wrap, Pedialyte (for emergencies) and more Tylenol at Riteaid. I stopped by Sears and looked at dishwashers. Then I had a lunch at this noodle shop. Then I bought some elastic bands and bells at JoAnn's. Then I bought a cute onesie. I'd have bought more, but that was the only in his size that had poppers all the way down the front. I also bought Special K some "big girl" princess and Barbie pants. Then I bought groceries at Trader Joe's. Finally Little T and I went home.

Special K squealed over her "big girl" princess pants. She wanted to put them on them and there. I said she had to use the potty, so she immediately did so. Then she proudly put them on. And then she kept saying "I'm wearing big girl pants."

Little T's already such a boy. He loves to whack things preferably to make noise. Last night he started yanking on the mobile really hard with a big grin. Special K used to bat at the mobile, but we never saw her go at things like T does. I never used to believe in girl/boy differences before I had kids.