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I'm exhausted, did still more stuff today, some of it a repeat of yesterday aka more calls about T's upcoming surgery, tests, referrals, etc. But I'll spare you another list.

Forgot to mention that T's Broviac removal and G-tube surgery is scheduled for Thursday. C and I both feel quite anxious about it.

I went to Trader Joe's and I got carded for the first time in ages. :) It must be my new shorter flippy 'do.

I spent a nice afternoon with my friend Dave. It was good to be reminded that I could go back to management if writing doesn't work out. And some aspects of management and parenting are similar. I did enjoy managing engineers. It's just really difficult if impossible to find part-time management positions. I even have a book in me about managing engineers, but I quit working shortly after I had the idea, and no-one will want to buy a management book from a stay-at-home mother. Sigh. I wish we were better respected.