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Playlist Shuffle Meme

A Playlist Shuffle Meme caught from owlmoose. See if you can guess the song title from the lyrics!

  1. Put your playlist on shuffle. ( I don't have playlists across albums, so I just did a shuffle of all my albums in a particular directory. You get extra points if you can guess why I have this directory.)
  2. Post the first lines to the first 25 (I only did 15) songs to come up (along with these instructions).
  3. Have people guess the songs and artists in comments to the post.
  4. Post the answers to the ones people guessed correctly. A couple of days later, post the first two lines of the ones no one got and get people to guess again.
  5. Repeat, adding the next line to the unguessed songs each time, until they're all guessed/you've posted the whole song/you've gotten bored/no-one's going to get the damn thing if you don't tell them.

Notes: no duplicate artists. A few are obvious, others may be hard.

  1. My little girl,drive anywhere - "Behind the Wheel" - Depeche Mode luvmoose
  2. The snake, it moves so quietly through the long long grass.
    Wave as it goes past
  3. For millions of years, for millions of homes.
    A man loved a woman,A child it was born
  4. When the outside temperature rises
    And the meaning is oh so clear
  5. With one wish we wake the will within wisdom
  6. I know when to go out.
    And when to stay in. [spoken]
  7. If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one - "Fragile" - Sting owlmoose
  8. Tonight I’m tangled in my blanket of clouds
    Dreaming aloud
  9. Very superstitious,writing's on the wall
    Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall
  10. I came here to let you know
    [song title]
  11. What I dream I had, dressed in organdy. - "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her" - Simon and Garfunkel owlmoose
  12. I'm packed and I'm holding
    I'm smiling, she's living
  13. I love the time and in between
    The calm inside me
  14. Oh, why you look so sad?
    Tears are in your eyes
  15. Love is but a song we sing
    And fear’s the way we die