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GI clinic

Little T now weighs 7.05 kg or 15lb 9 oz, his length is 62.2cm or 24.5" and his head is 46cm. His weight to height ratio has dropped to the 68th percentile. So he's finally growing properly. We're amazed he still gained weight despite his sepsis and hospital stay. Before he always lost weight at the hospital. And it's all due to the NG tube. Not only the fact that he was force fed at the hospital, but the NG tube helped him gain weight to get bigger and stronger to fight the infection. He bounced back in a few days and now you'd never know he had septic shock last week. I'm still recovering.

At the hospital he didn't vomit at all after he started eating again. I think if we just had him lying on a bed all day, he'd eat more and not vomit, but we can't do that. He projectile vomited on his way to OT yesterday. And this morning he threw up as well. So we're increasing his Prilosec to the maximum dose. We'll see if his eating improves in the next 5 weeks. If not, we'll seriously consider the G tube. Do you have any experience with gastrostomy tubes? If so, I'd really value your comments.