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My friend Mary Anne Mohanraj sent out this mass email today.

Just a quick note that my book, _Bodies in Motion_, launches today,
after five years of work (or ten, depending on how you count), and I
am giddy with excitement and anticipation.  I will spare you the long
description and note only that it is Sri Lankan-American immigrant
fiction, that one of the twenty stories has a tiny fantastic element,
and that you can read much more about it here (including book tour info):


If you were thinking about buying a copy, it is hugely helpful to
me if you buy it in the first week it's out, since publishers look
at first week sales figures to determine further printings (or so I have
been told).  I will be equally delighted if you read it at your local
library, though.  Thanks!

- Mary Anne

And yes I preordered the book. I'm really excited for her, because she's worked really hard for it. She's not the first of my friends to publish a book. Despite years of being pretty shy about my writing, I've managed to accrete a few writer friends. Perhaps it's pheromones. I meet someone, talk with them for a while, because I think they're interesting, then find out they're a writer. But this is the first time I've known someone before they were published their "first book" as many reviewers are calling it. She's published several other books, but this is her first book in literary fiction. It's pretty darn cool.