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Maybe tomorrow

Torin might be going home tomorrow....again The docs have decided not to send him home with Amikacin the troublesome antibiotic, because they can't get a therapeutic dose after 3 days of trying. So they're switching him to a different antibiotic, Meropenem which doesn't have to be tested for dosage and doesn't need to be combined with another antibiotic. I asked the resident why they hadn't switched him before. She claimed that the Oncology doctor didn't know Meropenem was effective against Enterobacter cloacae, the bacteria that infected his Broviac.

C did a google search on it and the info wasn't good. I took a look now and E-Medicine article's info on mortality and bacteremia(infection of bacteria in the blood stream) was particularly scary. But he's doing great now!

When I was backing out from the garage on Friday, I banged the passenger side mirror into a pole. Normally the mirror bends if you hit the mirror going forward, but as I was backing up, it couldn't and smashed. Is it bad luck to break a car mirror? What do you think? The cover also came off. I was very annoyed, mostly because it has to be repaired within a few days. Just one more thing I have to do. The glass of the mirror (albeit safety glass) has shattered and the electronics to move the mirror are now exposed. The pole also made a large cream coloured scrape on the passenger side door. I won't fix that. It'll be a wonderful souvenir of T's latest hospital stay. And the wonderful garage. The garage with tiny spaces marked "compact" that SUVs park in, because the spaces not marked compact are usually full. And yes, I banged my more-compact-than-an-SUV Passat in a compact space.

Even if Torin gets discharged tomorrow, I'll still visit that garage many more times this week. I have to take Little T for various medical apts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Here's his schedule:
Monday - Renal ultrasound and consult with doctor (probably going to be done in-patient)
Tuesday - Upper GI Scan. No eating for hours = crabby Torin
Wednesday - OT apt
Thursday - GI Clinic

It makes me exhausted just thinking about it. Maybe tomorrow when he's actually home, I'll feel better about it. Or he'll still be inpatient, so I won't have to take him to his Tuesday apts. I'll still have to park in the garage though.