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Little T's going home?

Little T might be going home tomorrow! It depends on if the doctors can establish a therapeutic level of antiobiotics tonight. He gets the antibiotics at 1am and then it takes time for the blood results to come through, so we won't know until tomorrow morning. Knowing how these things go, it could easily get pushed back. When he had RSV, every day we were told he'd go home tomorrow, and a week passed before he went home.

He'll go home on IV antibiotics. That means C has to inject antibiotics into his Broviac. It seems a bit intimidating to me, though C has been taking care of his Broviac for months. When Little T went home from the NICU, the doctors were very adamant that all his drugs be given orally at home, even though he had a Broviac back then too. I guess we've graduated to IV and this means we're veterans now. That makes me feel both pleased and sad. Or maybe they're just desperate for beds.

His new ward is a double ward with two doors that has 4 beds. 3 of the beds house babies including T, and a nurses' station is in the middle, so it's quite noisy. I feel sorry for the lone little girl who's stuck with 3 baby boys, but at least yesterday and today she seemed too sick to care. Little T continues to look great. His blood levels have bounced back, so his white blood cell count and platelets are all normal now.

I've just about finished my piece for Brain, Child. It's grown to 3000 words. As with a lot of my writing, it started out dense and intense at 1500 words and has gradually lightened to something more humorous though still dramatic. It's almost done. I'm happy with it I just need my friend Jenny to read it and comment on it.

I also finally finished a first draft of my children's book. I read it to Special K. She sat on my lap the whole time I read it. That's something, because sometimes she wanders off when I read things on the screen. It flows. I can see illustrations in my mind when I read it. But it still isn't done yet. It doesn't have the life in it that my Brain, Child essay does. I guess I need a bit more distance from this latest hospital round. Though being in the hospital was useful for describing the sounds of the NICU.

Youch I just noticed the time. Good night.