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I discovered that T is in Immediate Intensive Care. He's going to be moved yet again to another IICU room. This will make the 6th room he's been in since he was admitted on Tuesday evening. Oh, well he likes the ride. The one he's now is primarily for patients with neurological disorders. I said I could stay there then, except I've never been hospitalized for my myoclonic dystonia. His new room will be for patients with more general issues.

At least he's moving within the same unit, so they won't have to rewrite all his orders. Each time a patient moves to a new unit, they have to get new orders from the doctors who are in charge of that unit. So when T moved from the Hemo ward to the ICU to the ICCU, he had to get new orders and this was all within 24 hours. When orders get rewritten, things get left out like last night, the orders left out 150 cal of his formula. That's 150 cal out of 670 cal.

When my sister Saskia and I got to his room, he was smiling and cooing and kicking his legs. He moves around a lot more now. He does his best to rip off his wires. He generally gives the impression that he doesn't belong in the hospital. It's hard to believe how sick he was 24 hours ago. Though if he can move up that quickly, he can also go downhill fast too. So they're continuing to monitor him closely.

We had to leave all too soon so S could catch the train and our nanny could go to her other job. Unfortunately S probably missed the train. Our nanny wants to visit Little T this weekend. Isn't that sweet?

I worked with S on my piece for Brain, Child. She had some editorial corrections and some really good comments and questions. I'm reaching the point where I'm ready to submit it. I want to show it to a couple more people and then I'm done.

I'm waiting for K to wake up, so we can go visit T again.