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Crazy busy week

I managed to make it through my crazy busy week!  It was all mostly good and sometimes wonderful
Monday: my first critique group meeting where I revived a picture book
Tuesday night: Special  K's Back to School.
Wednesday night: Park and Rec meeting
Thursday: C's birthday with a trip to SF MOMA and huge crowds.
Friday: Little T's IEP.  I was also supposed to take Mori to the vet, because he'd lost weight and looked terrible, but the wily cat hid in our yard. On Friday afternoon I took Hermione on a playdate.  Got a horrible headache.  I was seriously grumpy and did some venting.  Got home and Mori was back and looking great and regained all the weight he lost.
Saturday: Little T's party.   Little T had a fab time in the park.

Hermione still has an ear infection, but it's mostly better and she's working again.  Hooray!

All these things were things I wanted to do...well except the IEP which I had to do. 
But a week where I go out every single night....Well I liked to do it when I was young and single,but now I like to stay at least one night at home.  I feel I should write more, but I'm exhausted.