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K, T and I all went to an Open House of Juana Briones Medical Therapy program. I discovered T's been authorized for occupational therapy(OT) and not physical therapy (PT). He probably needs both. The CCS folks were all very nice, but I found it all rather stressful. I struggled to understand what was going on. It seems like CCS's current position is that his developmental delays are not due to his medical issues and therefore PT is not covered. They assured me they'll take care of him. I'll keep expressing concern until he gets what he needs.

My guess is that the gatekeeping is more harshly enforced, because the program goes to age 21. Early Start is only until age 3 and is for developmental delays only. We're really hoping he doesn't need Regional Center for delays, which takes over after 3.

I'm his mother, so I'm bound to think the best of him, but I really feel he's fine mentally. He seems very aware of his environment and other people. He expresses that awareness with different vocalizations. His opthamologist says his visual tracking is on track for his age and his vision's about the only thing that hasn't been affected by his drugs and frequent hospitalizations.