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Dog days of summer

It's so hot that even my dog doesn't want to run around.  On Thursday at a house with a huge backyard, she played about 5 games of fetch then plopped down on the grass.  Special K sat in the shade and read.  Only Little T and his friend played happily though also in the shade.

This morning she ran her "victory lap" as C calls it when she runs around in a circle of our downstairs.  We walked around it rocking the kids as babies.  Now it's an impromptu dog run.  The rest of the day she lies around.   I tell her to do something, she does it, then plops down wherever she is.  We call her "Hot Dog" which is actually a name for a CCI dog. 

Today we went to a school playdate and she plopped down whenever she could.  Special K who the playdate was for initially sulked about wearing a hat then decided to play.  Little T dived in and played with younger brothers.